The word goal for the GCL and composed of solid stock:

Qualidade + Loyalty + Customer + Growth: "Success"

Our relentless pursuit, targeting the care and needs of all involved in the supply chain or in the operation to perform, and, the biggest target of this goal the desires of our "customers".

There are several factors to be controlled and released, each with its own management and logistical movement:

- Timeliness of information and the physical and bureaucratic procedures, full time.

- Practice in permanent training of our employees, paying attention to constant changes in the market, both technical, and commercial and physical infrastructure for Ports, Airports, Railways, Roads, and Retro areas at points of entry and exit loads.

- Availability Full face GCL, to call routines in Ports, Airports, in Brazil and abroad.

- Ethics in personal and professional conduct of all our employees, reverting to the client, a faithful representation.

- Sustained growth on a solid foundation of quality and internal and external customer loyalty with employees, customers and suppliers, where we aim to satisfaction and achievement of objectives.